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Paintballing in Leeds has never been so affordable!

It was a fantastic day out, much fun. Paintballing Leeds provided plenty of variety. Staff and marshals were all fantastic, made the day fun with a family atmosphere. Will definitely come again.

Nathan B

Paintballing Leeds is One of our newer paintball sites. Paintball Leeds is jam-packed with features and has some of the best game scenarios anywhere in the UK.

Paintball Leeds has the following game scenarios;

TANK BATTLE – Destroy the Invaders Tanks with your “Sticky Bombs”, they are trying to destroy your Command Centre! A simple case of do or die.

CIRCLE OF LIFE – Nerves of steel are needed for this game. The rules are simple, enter the ‘Circle’ and stay alive!! Every player alive at each time slot, count as a point for your team. Sounds easy? Think again!

ALAMO – Pure Carnage!!! Team work is essential in this fast moving game. 1 (Attackers) Storm the Alamo and defeat the Renegades, spot a weakness and push hard to destroy them! 2 (Defenders) Use every tactic you have to stop the endless on-slaught rampaging attackers. Will you be the one to change the History books?

A TRENCH TOO FAR – Work your way through the trenches to storm the fortifications of the ‘Maginot Line’. No bayonets! Just ‘balls!! On the Whistle, “Over the top” into the enemy guns. No-one said it would be easy.

SPEEDBALL – Fast & Furious. A quick paced game. Get the Flag and keep moving it forward to win. New players arrive from various places. Watch your back!

BASTOGNE – Grenades fly around like Wasps in this game at paintballing Leeds venue, Paintball UK. Deep in the forest, Dig the enemy out of their Machine gun nests & Foxholes. Make your way to their Command bunker and destroy it. Many have tried to break the Siege. Will you be the one?

HOSTAGE RESCUE – A Multi task game. Locate and Destroy the Satellite dish to knockout Comms. Then work your way through the Terrorist camp to find the Hostage and liberate him. Enemy troops just keep arriving. Plenty of Smoke grenades and Flashbangs are the order of the day to cover your attack and cause confusion in the Enemy camp.

FORT ASSAULT – Work your way through the labyrinth of bunkers and barricades to reach the Enemy Fortress. Take their Flag and return your trophy home for a Hero’s welcome! The only trouble is, they are trying to do the same to you and your team. There can be only one Hero, will it be you?

GETTYSBURG – Front Rank ‘Fire’ Rear Rank ‘Fire’. Move forward at a walking pace, US Civil War style, in this open arena. Try and take the enemy colours for victory. Not for the faint hearted!!

CHURCH OF THE LIVING DEAD – A few Zombies are holed up in a Church, move in and destroy the Church and them in it. Watch out for ‘Zombies’ in your team. Who do you trust? Look around, who looks like the Living Dead? Oh and watch out for the hidden snipers at our amazing paintballing Leeds venue!


STAG HUNT – The name says it all, The Pack is baying for the Stags ‘Blood’. Will they get their wish?
RUN THE GAUNTLET – Go back in time, and run the Gauntlet also know as die Gasse.
BUTCH & SUNDANCE – Leave the Church, all guns blazing! What will happen? Just like the film, the end is for you to decide!

All games are subject to availability and change on a regular basis.

At paintballing Leeds we have International experienced marshals. Several female marshals. Large covered seating area for 130 players. Refreshment area, toilets and large parking area adjacent to playing fields. Used by Yorkshire Television

Directions to paintballing Leeds.

Location: Situated on the A64 (main York to Leeds road) just one minute from the A1 (Junction 44). The site is on the Bramham Park Estate; home of the Leeds Festival and offers easy access to all local major towns and cities. Leeds 10 minutes, York 20 minutes, Harrogate 25 minutes, Doncaster 40 minutes and Hull 45 minutes.

Nearest postcode is LS24 9NR


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Skirmish Paintball Games only provide equipment specially produced and approved for paintball.

  • Phoenix Paintball Gun Phoenix Battle Pack / Ammo Carrier
  • Phoenix CO2 Bottle Phoenix One-piece Coveralls
  • Phoenix Ammunition Container (Hopper) Phoenix Trained Marshals
  • Phoenix Approved Face Protector Phoenix Variety of Game Scenarios
  • Phoenix Public Liability Insurance

Refreshments available on Site (included in some packages)

What to bring:

Comfortable loose clothing and suitable outdoor recreational activity footwear is recommended and, whilst coveralls are available, a change of clothing in cold or wet conditions is advisable. A sense of humour and a willingness to get stuck in and have the day of your life!



Village Combat

  Will the enemy be around the next corner or in the next hut? Will he shoot the second you step through the door? In this adrenaline packed game, you have to battle your way through the village scenario. Numerous huts are scattered around the area and you will have to dig the enemy out of every single one of them. Do you have the guts to do it? Thunder flashes will act as grenades and are recommended for this mission. bridge0    

Battle of the Bridge

Get to the bridge first. Should you hold it and repel the enemies attack or use your momentum and attack the enemy camp. The choice is up to you. But be quick, if the enemy gets the bridge before you, it is going to be difficult to repel their attacks. Be a part of the fearsome fight for the bridge, which is nearly impossible to win without smoke grenades.


Battle your way through the convoy of jeeps and other military vehicle. Seek cover behind the tank barricades as you try to fight back the enemy forces. But retreat is not an option, you have to move forward in order to find the enemy camp and destroy it.


Doctor Who

Fight your way through this thick wooded area, while you have to be prepared to scare your opponent and be scared yourself. In this "Doctor Who" themed game there is a chance that you will run into a Tardis, Cybermen, Daleks and of course the "Doctor ". Be brave and smart and defeat your enemies.

pilot0Downed Pilot

A pilot has been shot down over enemy territory. Your mission is to find him and rescue him, if he is alive. Use the tank and aeroplane barricades as cover, while you advance through the thick wooded area. But be careful, the enemy is also looking for the pilot. Will you be able to find the pilot before the enemy?

Jungle Fight jungle0

The ideal game for snipers and crawlers. You have to battle your way through the fern jungle where you need to seek and destroy your opponent's satellite base. Watch out for the snipers, they can be everywhere and they are just waiting for you to take the next step, so they can take the shot. k190

K19 Widowmaker Submarine

Take cover behind our 60ft replica of a K19 Widowmaker Russian submarine, while you are fighting the enemy team through the intensity of trees and bushes that are surrounding the submarine. Watch out for snipers, area around the submarine is ideal for snipers, you will never know where the shot came from.

Missile Launchmissile0

The enemy have put up their missile base somewhere in the large woodland area. Your mission is to locate the enemy missile base and blow it up with the TNT. You only have 15 minutes so you need to be fast. But be careful the missile base is well protected by a lot of enemies. Sometimes it can be a good idea to use smoke grenades to cover the attack or to distract the enemy. pyramid0

Pyramid of Doom

Capture the pyramid with large barricades surrounding and defend it against the enemies who are attacking from all sides. Are you brave enough to stand your ground and repel all the attacks? This is one of the most difficult and challenging scenarios. Only the best will survive.

Siege the Castlecastle0

Siege the castle is one of the most exciting games in paintball. Will you be defending or attacking the large castle, surrounded by trenches, bunkers and barricades. The outcome of the game depends on your ability to set up a good defence of the castle or your ability to use the element of surprise and attack the castle, where the defenders least expect it. Smoke grenades are not a bad idea to cover your movement. speed0


Speedball is one of the fastest games in paintball. On our speedball fields there are nothing but barricades to cover you. So if you want to win, you need to move fast, think fast and be quick on the draw, while paintballs are flying all around you. tank0


Attack is the best defence! Attack your enemies and destroy the tank with your "sticky bombs" before the enemy destroy your Command Centre. If you are on the opposing team you will have to use the tank as cover, as you advance forward in an attempt to destroy the rebels command centre. The confusion, the use of smoke grenades makes, can be the difference between winning and losing. Succeed or die trying.

*Please note that the game scenarios may vary depending on which of our paintball sites you visit.

Taxi Info:

Royal Cars – 0113 230 5000 (approx price from Leeds City Centre £20)
1st Mini Bus Hire – 0113 347 7787
Bus operator Metro – 0113 245 7676

Hotel Info:

Leeds East Premier Inn
Selby Road, Whitkirk, Leeds LS15 7AY
Phone: 08701 977 151
Rooms from £59 per room per night
Approx 7 miles from site

Leeds Colton Travelodge
Stile Hill Way, Colton, Leeds LS15 9JH
Phone: 0871 984 6235
Rooms from £29 per room per night
Approx 7 miles from site

York Central Travelodge
90 Piccadilly, York YO1 9NX
Phone: 0871 984 6187
Rooms from £29 per room per night
Approx 15 miles from site

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