Adult Paintball at Skirmish Paintball Games


Here at Skirmish adult paintball groups are our specialty. Whether it be a birthday, stag or hen party, work outing or just for fun, adult paintball we got it covered.

Everybody loves an all action hero, be it for real or just in the movies. It’s a tough old world out there. Whatever the scenario, there will always be losers as well as winners. The important thing is to play an active part.

Skirmish Paintballing gives you the chance to do just that – be part of a team that has a job to do. A mission to complete, colleagues to protect, comrades to rescue. Be a soldier, marksman, quick-thinker, strategist, team-player and survivor. Above all take part and get involved in one of the most demanding and most fun activities that you will ever experience.



  £4.99 pp inc no paintballs    –  half day entry only   –  PAY AS YOU PLAY

  £9.99 pp inc no paintballs    –  full day entry  only   –  PRIVATE PAY AS YOU PAY

£14.99 pp inc 150 paintballs  – full or half day            –  SQUADDIE SPECIAL

£19.99 pp inc 250 paintballs   – full or half day            –  CORPORALS CAMPAIGN

£24.99 pp inc 350 paintballs   – full or half day            –  CAPTAINS CHARGE

£34.99 pp inc 550 paintballs  – full or half day            –  SERGEANTS STRIKE

£44.99 pp inc 750 paintballs   – full or half day            –  MAJORS MISSION

£54.99 pp inc 1000 paintballs – full or half day            –  GENERALS BIG GUNS


YOUNG GUNZ SPECIAL OFFER – £19.99 pp inc 300 ammo each half day or £29.99 pp inc 500 ammo each half/full day. 11th person plays for free  (special terms and conditions apply/deal applies to under 18s only).


SUNDAY SPECIAL OFFER – £19.99 pp inc 350 ammo, £29.99 inc 550 ammo or £44.99 pp inc 1000 ammo – 11th person plays for free on same package.


ORGANISER BONUS – Bring 5-10 players organiser receives a free pair of armoured gloves to keep, bring a minimum of 11 players and organiser plays for free with the same amount of ammo as each player or bring 21 plus and the organiser has free entrance and includes 1000 ammo.


EXTRA AMMO– £5 per 50, £8 per 100, £35.00 per 500, £120 for 2000, £300 per 6000 or £450 for 10000.


PYROTECHNICS – £5 each or any 4 for £15 (over 18’s only).


All packages INCLUDE – all equipment hire, coveralls and varied games. No food/drinks are included but hot/cold drinks and snacks can be purchased on game day or we offer a ‘Meal Deal’ to pre purchase for just £3.00 each which includes a noodle snack pot, crisps, chocolate bar and a hot or cold drink of your choice – (subject to availability/must be paid for no later than the Wednesday of game week).


Session TIMES – Full day 9.15am arrival to 3.30-4pm finish approx, half day morning 9.15am arrival to 1pm or half day afternoon 12.15pm arrival to 3.30-4pm – morning sessions are recommended during the Winter months. Finish times are approximate.


PRIVATE GAMES – Available at £75 charge a private session own instructor, must be pre booked and paid in advance.